Burnley Civic Trust Heritage Image Collection

1989 Flight Photographs over South West Burnley

Aerial Photographs always seem popular to give the non-flying public a different view of their territory rarely possible in East Lancashire with no low flying scheduled flights.

In this series 25 overhead photographs will show south west Burnley from Lowerhouse to Gannow, Trafalgar to Manchester Road, Rosehill to Cog Lane, Harold Street to the Cemetery.

They were captured by the Burnley Express photographer, probably using a private aircraft and a 35mm camera and standard film.

Lowerhouse Crescent/ Lowerhouse Lane/Lowerhouse Cricket Ground


Greenbrook Close, Holyoake Street, Lowerhouse


Greenbrook Close, Holyoake Street, Lowerhouse Lane


Liverpool Road Rosegrove


Inglehurst Road, Oslo Road, Padgate Place


Villiers Street, Sandpiper Square, Lawrence Avenue


Accrington Road Car Sales Site


Smallshaw Industrial Estate


Gannow Top roundabout


Barracks Roundabout


Trafalgar Flats


Halstead Street Manchester Road and Station


Greenhill Club, Carlton Road, Manchester Road


Lansdowne Close, Clevelands Road, Montrose Street


Lansdowne Close, Hawthorne Road, Rosehill Road,Scott Park Bowling Green


Scott Park Road, St Matthews Street


Rosehill House, Rosehill Avenue


Christ The King School, General Williams, Rose & Crown, Calderbrook Avenue


Rosewood Avenue


Linton Drive, Raygill Ave, Westbourne Ave South


Cog Lane, Comrie Crescent, Dalton Street, Woodcourt Avenue


Cog Lane, Bristol Street, Laburnham Close, Westbourne Avenue, Coal Clough Lane


Gretna Junction - Coal Clough Lane/ Cog Lane


Cog Lane, Melrose Avenue, Elgin Crescent, Lanark Street


Hargher Clough Works


Harold Avenue, Rome Avenue, Rossendale Road


Billington Road, Regent Axle


Billington Road, Cemetery Lane, Holmestrand Avenue


That is the end of this short flight over south west Burnley. Other flight photographs for other districts are in preparation, check back at a later date.