Burnley Civic Trust Heritage Image Collection

Department of Employment and Productivity in Finsley Gate, Burnley.

From the Burnley Express dated 15 May 1970.

A sharp-eyed reader has brought to our notice a rare cypher of King Edward VIII, which hangs outside the Burnley premises of the Department of Employment and Productivity in Finsley Gate.

The cypher was put there when the building was completed in 1936, only a few months before the King abdicated.

Mr WP Mulhall, deputy manager of the exchange, told the Express It is certainly unique to our offices, and someone has said that it is unique to any government office in the country. But I am unable to guarantee the accuracy of the statement.

The cypher was brought to our notice by Mr W Hirst of Holmby Street, Burnley.

Note: October 2019.

An internet search shows a number of Edward VIII cypher, mainly on post boxes and a few public buildings dated 1936 as shown below, but I have been unable to find another that uses the same design as the building on Finsley Gate, Burnley.