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Based on Burnley Express Articles from 1962, using scanned images from the Burnley Express microfilm roll for January to June 1962 and some negatives from the BCTHIC archive, gifted by Burnley Express Newspapers. The article is in five sections: The Route To the Final; The Build-Up To The Day; Some Pre-Match Images From The Archive; On the Day; and finally, The Homecoming.

Thanks to Mr. Nutter for enquiring about negatives held at the Burnley Civic Trust Archive which led to the creation of this article.


The first and second division teams joined in the third round and Burnley's FIRST MATCH was on the 6th JANUARY 1962: Burnley 6 - Queens Park Rangers 1. Connelly, McIlroy (pen), Ingham (o.g.), Elder, Harris (2). The Burnley Express reported that First Division leaders Burnley forged their way powerfully and convincingly into the fourth round of the F.A. Cup at the expense of Third Division Queen's Park Rangers at Turf Moor.
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The SECOND MATCH, a draw, was on the 30th JANUARY 1962: Burnley 1 - Leyton Orient 1. Harris, Attendance 37,830. The REPLAY took place on the 6th FEBRUARY 1962: Leyton Orient 0 - Burnley 1. Miller, Attendance 31,000. The Burnley Express reported that it was a game of thrilling excitement with the Clarets up against it for almost the whole of the 90 minutes as Leyton, who looked every inch a First Division team, threw everything at them. Brian Miller's goal, a superb header from a corner taken by John Connelly, came out of the blue in the 60th minute. Read more below.

The THIRD MATCH was on the 17th FEBRUARY 1962: Burnley 3 - Everton 1. Miller, Connelly, Robson. The Burnley Express reported that despite an 18th minute knee injury to Jimmy McIlroy he still stood out as the architect of this wonderful Burnley win. Along with a back-to-form John Connelly, he stole most of the forward honours which were going. Although Collins scored for Everton in the 35th minute, Burnley's equaliser from Miller came direct from kick-off without an Everton player touching the ball. Connelly added another goal in less than 15 minutes and Robson the third in the 69th minute. Read more below.

The FOURTH MATCH was on the 10th MARCH 1962: Sheffield United 0 - Burnley 1. Pointer. The Express reported that it was another victory for Burnley's cool, clinical, tactical approach - a thoroughbred display by the league leaders who never looked like losing. Ray Pointer's 52nd minute goal sparked off one of the few talking points from the luke-warm match. Sheffield United fans claimed it was a deflection, not a header.

THE SEMI-FINAL AT VILLA PARK, BIRMINGHAM, 31 MARCH 1962: Burnley 1 - Fulham 1. Connelly. The Express reported that Fulham had failed to turn their overwhelming control of the game into a victory against an often lethargic Turf Moor side. Read More below.

THE REPLAY AT FILBERT STREET, LEICESTER, 9th APRIL 1962: Fulham 1 - Burnley 2. Robson (2). Skipper Jimmy Adamson summed the game up perfectly after the excitement of a memorable thrill-a-minute semi-final "Every Fulham player did well but Burnley's did better... that's why we're going to Wembley". Robson's goals came in the 31st and 80th minutes and Fulham's well-deserved goal 30 seconds from the end. Read more below.



On Wednesday the 2nd May the Burnley Express produced an eight page "Souvenir Supplement" which is shown above and summarised below. To read the pages of the supplement click the thumbnail image to show the page as a larger image and then right click the larger image to open in a new tab which you can then click on to enlarge.

First page:

Headed "Make C-Day Our V-Day" showed a large photograph of Wembley Stadium from the air with the FA cup superimposed on it, photographs and biographical notes of the two managers - Harry Potts and Bill Nicholson and the 'Probable Line-up' (for Burnley: Blacklaw, Angus, Elder, Adamson, Cummings, Miller, Connelly, McIlroy, Pointer, Robson and Harris or Towers). Printed also was a Good Wishes message from the Mayor, Councillor Edward Sandy. There was a picture of the two captains shaking hands on the centre circle (obviously from a previous game). The picture caption read: 'The opposing captains - Burnley's Jimmy Adamson (selected as "Footballer of the Year") and Tottenham's Danny Blanchflower, skipper of the Northern Ireland team - both wing-halves

Second Page:

Recorded messages of goodwill from Burnley Express readers the world over (America, Canada, Australia, British Columbia, New Zealand and Singapore). There were also messages from civic leaders - Dan Jones (MP); The Bishop of Burnley and other church leaders; and political leaders. Under the heading "How Well Do You Know Your Clarets?" there was also a 20 question quiz.

Third Page:

Don Smith writes about his outstanding memories of the 1947 Cup Final including Harry Potts' tremendous shot towards the Charlton goal, which beat the goal keeper but rocked the crossbar and rebounded way out; and the words of the wife of a Charlton player after the match, saying she knew how fans were feeling as Charlton had been beaten the previous year - she hoped Burnley would be back to win the following year too.

This page also has a resume of notable years in Clarets' history; a list of F.A. Cup finalists from 1900-01; a photograph of James A. Grimshaw president of Burnley Football Club and a former player; and a photograph of the Victors of the 1914 Cup Final.

Fourth page - The Team:

In addition to this photograph of the team, a photograph of all 13 players together with their career records was included. The same information for the Tottenham Team was given too.

We are fortunate in having negative images of the individual team players, probably taken at the same time as the team photo above (unlike the images of the players shown in the Express special). Here they are shown in the same order as the team photo.

Fifth Page:

A feature in which Keith McNee asks each of the players for their favourite moment from the run-up games to the final.
A potted history of Ray Bennion (trainer) and Bill Dougall, (physiotherapist) time at Burnley.
A photograph of the Burnley Reserve Team, winners of this year's Central League Championship and of Burnley 'A' Team, winners of this seasons Lancashire Football League,
An article by Gerry Bradley, the Express' chief photographer recalling other visits to Wembley.
The radio and television plans for the final.
Some tourist information for those going to the game and wishing to see some of London's sights.

Sixth Page:

Articles written by Bob Lord and Jimmy Adamson and a question and answer session between Harry Potts and Keith McNee, the Express Sports Writer.

Seventh Page:

Entitled "It'll Be A Great Day For The Ladies Too!" and features the players, wives, Mrs. Potts and Mrs. Sarah Bratt, who launders the players' strips.

Eighth Page:

Goes behind the scenes at Turf Moor, featuring the Directors, Secretaries, Doctor, physiotherapist, trainers, and groundsmen.



These images appear to have been taken at a photo opportunity event held at Turf Moor and include members of the team, individually and in groups, having a 'kick-about' session and taking part in a promotional event.

Thanks to George Grimshaw, one of our volunteers, for scans of these souvenirs of the match.



Before setting off for Ringway Airport on Thursday morning the members of the Burnley Team lined up at the side of their coach to receive a last-minute farewell from a happy group of supporters. (Burnley Express Saturday May 5th)

Images From The Archive


Burnley (0) 1, Tottenham Hotspur (1) 3, at Wembley Stadium, Saturday 5th May 1962.
Footballer of the Year, Jimmy Adamson didn't succeed in leading Burnley to success at Wembley in a classic Cup Final which will go down as one of the best in the 99-year history of the competition.

Three Minutes: Greaves majestically floated into position and moved forward to face a battery of Burnley defenders. The ball, only half hit, trickled agonisingly inside the far post. Blacklaw was unsighted behind a row of defenders.
49 Minutes: Robson stabbed the ball past goalkeeper Brown. Easily the best goal of the game-a magnificently worked movement, finished off in devastating no-nonsense style by Robson.
50 Minutes: Burnley caught off guard, could only watch helplessly as Smith smashed the ball fiercely past Blacklaw.
82 Minutes: A penalty- Blanchflower sent Blacklaw one way and the ball the other.

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On Saturday evening Burnley's F.A. Cup Banquet was held in the Napoleon Room at the Café Royal, London. The 300 guests included national football officials, local dignitaries and many other people and players associated with Burnley FC.

Below are the Burnley Express Report about the banquet, a scan of an invitation to the banquet (thanks to Len Kinsella, a youth team player at the time), and some images of the banquet from the archive.

Seen left (or above on some devices) are members of Burnley's 1947 Cup Final Side. Arthur Woodruff and Peter Kippax, with two of the team which played in the 1913-14 competition, Jerry Dawson and Eddie Mosscrop, who were guests at the banquet.



On Monday evening the claret-and-blue bedecked coach carrying the official club party drew up in front of the Town Hall to a tumultuous reception and after the formal Civic Reception, skipper Jimmy Adamson acknowledged the cheers of the crowd from the balcony. Then the team made a 15-mile tour of the town, in their open-topped coach. To read more right click on the image below to open a new tab where you can enlarge the image.